Embody the Lion!

Restoration is the Key to Performance

Kyler, 33

“I always experienced anxiety at the airport. After 75mg I was on a cloud, but still completely sharp, mentally.”

Carol, 63

“I have really enjoyed the benefit of getting great sleep thanks to this amazing product. After 6 months of tossing, I finally slept through the night!!!”

Chase, 36

“It gets me through my anxiety to achieve the life I want to live.” 

Lynn, 26

“This Pain Stick is exceptional. I am amazed at the Quality.  I can feel it working almost instantly.”

Restoration and Balance

For All of Earth’s Athletes

See what our customers are saying

Paige, 33

“I love the CBD oil drops!! It has changed my life! I use the recommended dose of the 2500mg bottle everyday and my body feels different! I have Elhers Danlos syndrome and Fibromyalgia, which together can be extremely painful, this has changed everything!!  Not to mention the fact that I am sleeping better. I stopped having to take my daily anxiety medication and my skin and hair even feels better. This has truly made a difference!”

Chris, 24

“This is an excellent product! I definitely feel calmer, less anxious, and I notice that I sleep more restfully.  The creators really care about putting out a quality product and that’s important.”

James, 42

“Aches? Pains? Sore muscles or joints? On your feet all day? Athletes? Runners? YOU NEED THIS!!!

I’ve tried so many low potency topicals on the market. I recently received a sample of a topical that had 50mg (TOTAL) of CBD in it.  As someone with chronic pain, I can say it did NOTHING to relieve the pain.  So, I reached for my new Lions Gold CBD Pain Stick, and within minutes my wrist pain was hardly noticeable.

Potency and quality matter, and as far as pricing; this price per mg of CBD is one of the best you will find.  Unlike many, Lions Gold CBD manufactures their own products and pass the savings along to us!”

Denise, 67

“I love these products. The taste of the oil is great unlike others I have tried. I have tried the pain stick and tincture and I recommend them both. These products help to reduce pain, calm anxiety and help sleeping at night. Baby boomers beware…these products will help with those everyday aches and pains. They have changed my life!! I believe everything is made well and with great ingredients. I am so happy I found this company.”

Breanna, 34 (mom)

“It’s understandable that many of us are feeling increased levels of anxiety.  My routines are off with kids/spouse/roommates/pets at home …… ALL DAY together…….add trying to work from home…it’s chaos! CBD is a great, safe and NATURAL way for me to take the edge off and reduce anxiety while staying alert and focused.”

Diana, 23

“This topical is great for bruising, joint pain, muscle pain and it can even relieve itching and discomfort from inflammatory skin conditions! 

I love that they use all natural plant fats, oils and butters as base and add full spectrum CBD and Arnica Flower for a natural remedy that actually works.”

Made for Adventure

Our Products are made to serve you along your greatest adventures. Pursuing Gold Medals, New Peaks, or Inner Peace doesn’t have to cost you your health.  Join the Pride and Embody the Lion! 

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