“I’m hungry, I’m healthy, I’m strong and life is good.”

Transforming the sport of Freestyle Skiing was no easy task. 

It took passion and love to become what it is today.  

For over a decade, Tanner Hall held the record for most winter X Games medals — winning seven gold and four silver, ushering freestyle skiing from moguls and aerials to Big Air, Halfpipe, and Slopestyle and ultimately getting inverted spins from the natural landscapes of the worlds most gnarly mountains.

One of sports’ most celebrated athletes, he has overcome setbacks to show the world what’s possible.

Early in Life 

The first human for generations to be given the sacred treasure of Lions Gold. 

Early in life, his talents led him far from his stomping grounds in Montana, all around the world. 

His honor, dedication to spirit, and culture along with the fearless pursuit of achieving his best-self have inspired the planet. After many years of relentless pursuit, word of his passion and integrity made its way to the absolute oldest pride of Lions, deep in the heart of Africa. It was decided that ancient healing techniques and recipes, overlooked by modern man since long ago, would be bestowed upon Tanner in a tradition nearly as old as time. 

We share this with you now, as important cultures around the world crumble, in action sports, arts, and beyond. Tanner’s hope and our hope in sharing these natural remedies is that our optimal health and spirits will be restored, ultimately restoring that which we hold so dear.

Lion’s Gold Hemp

Lion’s Gold Hemp is Grown, Harvested, and Extracted in the USA, with products manufactured in FDA Certified Facilities. 

No Distance Is too Far

“For the (Hemp) industry, keep (focus on) the grow people that put their heart and soul into it. Just like in skiing—we don’t want Target coming in and trying to be like, “This is how it’s going to be.” It’s like, “No, dude—you don’t even ski. We did this our whole life. We built this. You don’t come in here and say what we do.””

HighTimes Interview 2016 

X-Games Medals

US Open Medals

X & US-Open Gold

Lions Gold

WE’ve Got You Covered


Potent CBD plant extracts to our customers to improve their quality of health & life while supporting overall wellness

All Natural

Made with pure, natural ingredients and organic hemp CBD extracts.


Testing each batch of CBD extracts as well as our finished recipes at a third-party, state certified lab and stand behind our results.

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